Auto Dealer Call Tracking And Leads Tool

Generating leads is too expensive to not track your ROI. You could be wasting thousands of dollars each month on an advertising channel that isn’t generating enough calls and sales to justify the expense. The only way to know if it’s working is by carefully tracking each phone call from each advertising source.

So how does it work? For each advertising channel that you use you will receive a separate tracking phone number. When a customer calls you our system records the call and you can see exactly where the call came from because each number is linked to a specific advertising channel. Our admin interface allows you to generate reports based on each advertising channel so you can tell exactly how many calls were generated from it, the quality of those calls, the cost per call, and the cost per sale.

In addition, our admin interface includes a sophisticated leads tool to help you manage your leads properly. You can track leads through your sales funnel, assign leads to specific sales people, and add internal notes.

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  • Save money – Optimize ad spend
  • Save more money – Eliminate wasted ad spend
  • Generate more sales – Manage leads through our sophisticated leads tool
  • Generate even more sales – Recorded calls allows you to train sales people on how to more effectively answer the phone


  • Track an unlimited number of advertising channels each with their own tracking phone number
  • All phone calls are recorded for training and quality assurance
  • Generate reports based on lead source or by sales person
  • Reports display average call duration, cost per call, cost per sale, closing ratio, and much more
  • Local phone numbers or toll free 1-800 numbers available
  • Whisper mode allows you to know where a caller is calling from right when you pick up the phone

Video Demonstration